Andrea Piscedda and Elena Escura, coordinators of the International Department of Escura, attended the Spring International Conference of TAG Alliances, which took place in London from May 8th to 10th.

TAG is one of the leading global alliance of lawyers in the world, by number of attorneys, as well as by countries that cover and by the quality of the members, which has been highlighted in the ranking of Chambers & Partners in the «Elite» designation for 2019, the most prestigious ranking in legal networks.

Between the speeches of the congress were emphasized the papers «The Future of the Profession», by Daniel Susskind; «Digital Hygiene: critical habits of cybersecurity for firms and clients» by Kully Dhadda, Alexia Kountouri, Peter Matson and Jeremy Rasmussen and moderator for Jill Bainbridge, and «How to generate profits through the business approach», by Bernard Savage.

Likewise, various specialist group sessions were held by specialties in the following subjects: «Good practices and business management», «IP / IT and Cybersecurity and life sciences», «Litigation and Arbitration», «Fiscal», as well as «Audit and security», «Corporate and M & A» and «Labor». Highlight in the commission of fiscal participation of Elena Escura on the issue of «Taxation of expatriates.»

Han participado en las jornadas más de 300 abogados, representantes de más de 100 despachos.

Escura is member of TAGLaw.